Investment Management - A Partnership with Clients 

Douglas Investments’ offering is client specific and according to the mandate agreed with each client. The limited number of clients allows the principle of partnership to be adhered to and maintained by regular communication and ensuring that Douglas Investments is always readily available for investment discussions with each client. 

Douglas Investments achieves portfolio exposures in the following ways:

Discretionary portfolios, both locally and internationally, are managed for clients based on a specific mandate. The focus is on equities, but appropriate diversification is achieved through other quoted securities such as bonds and cash.

A private equity fund called Conexus Capital Growth Fund (the follow on to Conexus Investment Fund), which has been organized to make equity and equity related investments in both quoted and unquoted (private equity) securities, principally in South Africa.

Douglas Investments facilitates clients in managing their investments by offering discretionary portfolios or combining the offerings referred to above. In some cases, clients will be advised by a financial advisor to place part of their portfolio with Douglas Investments to achieve a specific mandate. The management of the portfolio is relationship based by working closely with clients to establish their objectives, risk profile and needs.